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In autumn 2005, the idea to organize speeches at our university was born. Together with my fellow students Robin Homolac and Michael Ackermann this idea was realized.

Aim was to develop a dialogue between personalities (especially with business people and politicians) with students. The topics of the speeches should be complementary to our classes and should be practice-orientated.

In the first year, Michael Heinritzi, the biggest Mc Donalds' franchisee in Germany, Emilio Galli-Zugaro, head of corporate communications of Allianz Group and Heinrich Brändli, from ETH Zurich held speeches at our university. Furthermore, we organized a trip to the Munich airport. There, Horst Jahnke, Director Public Affairs, held a speech and showed us the airport.

Due to our exchange year, we passed Hochschulreihe to other students.

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