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Other Projects and Activities

A quite old project, which I realized during my time at the Higher Commercial School Landeck, was the development of a website with information to the subjects accountancy and business studies. It should be a help for my classmates. Among other things, all exams including a solution are presented there .

Go to RW-Corner (German)


I also want to mention my published school works at Grin:

Mergers & Acquisitions in China (with special focus on the Financial Industry) (€ 8,99)

Mergers & Acquisitions (with the example Disney acquires Pixar) (€ 6,99)

Österreichs Neutralität in einem vereinten Europa (€ 6,99)

Erfolgsbewertung der chinesischen Öffnungspolitik (€ 6,99)

EU-Chinese Trade Relations (€ 7,99)

Chinese Business Culture (€ 7,99)


A smaller activity was the development of RSS-feeds that summarizes some Austrian or German news. I used the website Yahoo Pipes for that.

Go to Österreich Nachrichten (German)

Go to Deutschland Nachrichten (German)

Go to Wirtschaftsnachrichten (German)

Go to Sportnachrichten (German)

Go to Sportnachrichten aus Österreich (German)



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